Why A Duck – Marx Brothers

Duck Chico Groucho

Since my childhood I have loved the Marx Brothers.  Their silly humor, puns, jokes and physical antics keep me laughing no matter how my times I have watched or listened to their movies.  One of my most favorite scenes is from their first movie, the Cocoanuts. It is a delightful scene between Groucho and Chico.  They are discussing an upcoming auction of land in South Florida.  Chico’s misunderstandings lead to more confusion, and these also set up great lines by Groucho.

To name this blog I used this scene as inspiration.  In another post I will explain the other part of the name.

I lived in Miami Springs, Florida, two different times in my adult life.  Miami Springs is located west of Miami, just north of the Miami International Airport, near the suburban cities of Hialeah and Virginia Gardens.  This was a new housing development started in the 1920’s, and it seems similar to Cocoanut Manor in The Cocoanuts.  Coral Gables is also similar to Cocoanut Manor.  I can’t help thinking about my life in South Florida when I watch this scene.

Click this link to watch the scene on video.  You will have to put up with an ad to see it, but that is the price of free video sharing.